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Lord Luis Bacardi Official Website

Monika Bacardi & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

With the aid of the foundation, Monika Bacardi heightens consciousness of the effects of people's activities on our environment. Ecological-sustainability is one of the countless humanitarian areas in which Lady Bacardi is active. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is something for which (and alongside with) Monika Bacardi has been involved in a variety of undertakings.

Art and 7th Art - Monika Bacardi's Passions

With a desire to contribute to the art of cinema the world over, AMBI Pictures aims to make commercial films for audiences the world over. Monika Bacardi loves photography and modern art, taking pleasure in the varied creations of many celebrated photographers and artists. In order to establish partnerships with regards to the arts in Monaco, Monika Bacardi supports the University of Plastic Arts through the Monaco Project for the Arts. One of the reasons she created AMBI Pictures is that she wanted to encourage young filmmakers, due to her strong interest in "The Seventh Art" (Cinema).

Childrens' health is of great significance to Monika Bacardi. This is why she supports the Association Nationale Monégasque des Amis de l'Enfance (AMADE-Monaco). Academic help for underprivileged children is proffered by Mission Enfance. Monika strongly stands by this charity. Monika Bacardi has had a lifelong compassion for humanity, which drives her benevolent activities. Lots of localised charity organisations, that support causes associated with social issues of special interest to her, benefit from her backing.

The worldwide marketplace has reaped the benefit of a robust number of motion pictures that have been produced by Andrea Iervolino and herself, subsequent to their launching of AMBI Pictures. Monika Bacardi is a high-profile, popular personality who, despite living in Monaco, also spends much of her time in other parts of the EU and in America. Born in Italy, the "Lady of Bayfield Hall" (most often referred to as Lady Bacardi, or just Monika Bacardi or, recently, "The Queen of Charity") has become quite a personality in contemporary cinematic circles throughout the Continent and the United States.

She helped create the AMBI group, owing to her enthusiasm for films. The AMBI group is a European-headquartered cinematographic company. Due to her love of philanthropy, Monika Bacardi takes part in many non-profit organisations and charities. Monika Bacardi's participation in the arts sector was deepened after she became co-owner of 'PHOTO' Magazine in 2014.

Providing professional guidance, as well as facilitating connections with global buyers, are services that Monika Bacardi endeavors to promote around her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists. Several years ago Lady Bacardi took over the acclaimed 'PHOTO' magazine, which has been in print since the late sixties. On a yearly basis, she endeavours to finish between 8 and 10 films. These range from in-house to third-party productions and are achieved by using the AMBI Group. AMBI Group and 'PHOTO' magazine are the two main concerns around which Monika Bacardi's working life revolves.

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